What Are the Causes of Engine Overheating?

Your engine is an extremely important part of your vehicle - it is often referred to as the heart of the car, making sure that your vehicle runs and runs smoothly. When your vehicle engine overheats, this can be a huge cause for concern. Excessive heat on your engine can cause metal components to begin to warp and become damaged, which can lead to expensive repairs that you want to avoid.  If your engine is overheating, you may find yourself stuck on the side of the road or notice that your engine temperature gauge is fluctuating from warm to hot excessively. Here are some of the reasons why your car engine may be overheating: Coolant leak Blockage in coolant circulation Faulty thermostat Failed or damaged water pump Clogged radiator Low coolant level If you are experiencing engine overheating, don't hesitate to bring your car into the professionals here at Mission Auto Care at your earliest convenience for expert service and repair. 

Things to Look for in a Reputable Auto Repair Shop

No matter who you choose to work on your second most costly investment ( your car or truck), look deep and don't just trust anyone. 1st check with the Bureau of Automotive Repair, a State run agency that protects the consumer from shoddy repair shops. Look up the shop your looking to use and see if they have a valid license. You will also be able to see their complaint history, if they have any, also and violations. 2nd, Check to see if their technicians are certified in any way (ASE) or manufacturer certified. 3rd, ask family and friends for referrals, 4th, Look over their Website, Google, Yelp, to see their reviews. Not that the reviews will be the final deciding factor, but you want to see more good reviews than bad reviews, read between the lines and make your own assessment of them. 5th, compare apples to apples between shops, compare warranties, nowadays you should be getting at least 2 years or 24,000 miles ( we offer 3 year / 50,000 ), 6th, if you go there, look over t ... read more



How to Handle Hydroplaning

You're driving in the rain and you see a huge puddle ahead on the freeway that can't be avoided. You hold on to the steering wheel tightly and drive over it - you feel a sudden lack of control, as if you can't steer your vehicle one way or another. This is called hydroplaning, which is when there is too much water between your vehicle's tires and the road, preventing the tires from properly gripping the ground.  The tread in your vehicle's tires is what helps water pass through when you're driving during wet conditions. It allows your vehicle to still create traction with the road so you don't lose control. However, tires that are severly bald or low in tire pressure can prevent this process from happening, causing your tires to skid over water rather than push through it.  Hydroplaning is always a scary occurance, especially when turning or changing lanes. Here are some ways to properly handle a hydroplaning situation:  Stay calm and avoid ... read more

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