All brakes operate to have the same final effect, to stop rotational motion. The rotational motion, of course, is the wheel. The wheel on your car, truck or any other vehicle propels it forward or backward. The brake operates to slow and then stop a moving vehicle in a safe and repeatable manner. Constant application of brakes against rotors or drums causes wear and tear on the brakes system, especially the rotor disc and brake drums. The heat that is absorbed must go
somewhere, and generally this is the metal that surrounds the brake pads. Rotor discs and brake drums must be inspected every so often for cracks and warps that can occur from improperly adjusted brakes.

Stop by and let us inspect your vehicle’s brake system for any minor problems before they become expensive repairs. Sticking to the schedule specified in your owner's manual will keep you
from forgetting when it's time to service your brakes. If you are not sure when to replace your pads or fluid, a good rule of thumb is to have your brakes inspected for wear about every
12,000 miles. Our service advisor will be happy to check the manufacturer’s recommended interval for brake replacement on your vehicle at any time, just call or stop by.